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“Yassine Karoui is a bluesman. A real. From feet to beard, passing by his Telecaster, this gentleman lives, breathes, drinks and smokes the blues. "


Yassine Yaroui is a Tunisian musician, songwriter who has lived and worked in France since 2013.

He was rocked by the percussion of Tunisian music and the musicality of its tenors.

Self-taught and passionate, he learned to play the guitar on his own and quickly discovered the Blues and with it, the freedom of rhythm and the balance of notes.

He made a name for himself on the Blues and Jazz music scene thanks to his generous and inventive guitar playing and his raw voice.

Y Karoui co-founds his first band Metics (1999) then Road 66 (2005) with whom he performed for eight years throughout the country to participate in emblematic festivals such as Jazz à Carthage, Jazz à Tabarka and Sicca Jazz.

Once settled in France, he decided to develop new projects such as the group the Gamblers (2013), EAGLE4 (2015), Personal History (2018) and just another year ("Rien qu'une autre année) (project tribute to Mahmoud Darwich - 2019), at the same time, he continues his commitment with associations and artists' collectives for the promotion of Blues musical culture in France and Tunisia.

Since 2020, Yassine Karoui has been working on her first solo album Dog's Life for release in December 2022.

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