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New album, “Dog's Life”, is out

Yassine Karoui announces the release of his new album: Dog’s Life will be available on

December, 1st 2022 on all platforms.

© Jeff MAUNOURY, 2022

Fruit of twenty years of research and experimentation. Dog's life is a "prelude" album that offers an introduction into the artist's inner musicality. An immersion in his memory, his present and his imagination.

"I see music as my space of freedom and the blues as my language."

In this album, the songs follow, but do not sound like each other! They embody, each at their own pace, the universe of Yassine Karoui.

Here, he flexibly dialogs genres, rhythms and eras. As an archeological excavation in its history with the blues, Dog's life crystallizes the artist's inspirations. Like the heady swing music of the Pink Panther or the jerky poetry of Edith Piaf intertwined with the percussion of the Tunisian stambali; all wrapped up by B.B. King, Django Reinhardt, Brassens or Bessie Smith.

"The blues describes the soul in all its states, from deep sadness to extreme joy."

Accompanied by Youcef Boukella on bass, Vincent Daune and Maamoun Dehane on drums, Missoum Bacha on keyboards, Cedric Ricard on saxophone and Pierre-Marie Humeau on trumpet; The blues-man plays and sings the sarcasm of life.

With a hoarse and playful voice and a magnetic guitar game, he tells us, sometimes with humor and sometimes with wisdom, his life as an artist and his journeys of contemporary urban life. Dog's life is, without a doubt, a moment of pure blues!

Chaima Bel Haj Ali

Recording sound engineer: Khlif Miziallaoua

Recording sound engineer: Tom Jacob

Mixed by Laurent Israel-Alexandre

Yassine Karoui – Composer

Ian G Kent – lyrics

Alain Nathaniel Francis Bolo - lyrics ( Shall I Make This Show)

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